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An Unexpected Lunch Date

My parents are travelling across the country this week to visit my grandparents in Illinois.  Travel Man is working in Sioux Falls, South Dakota this week.  Ironically,  my parents happened to be driving right through Sioux Falls today, and were able … Continue reading

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Top Ten Reasons It’s Great to Travel with a Road Warrior

As I told you all last week I had occasion to take a working road trip with my Travel Guy.  It occurred to me on the way home that there are quite a few perks to having an experienced, seasoned traveller by … Continue reading

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Our Pets and Their Hierarchy

It’s a new day for the animals at The Party House.  If you have animals like we do, and you have both cats and dogs like we do,  you will understand what I am talking about here.  The animals have … Continue reading

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10 Things I Loved About Visiting Montana

A week or so ago Travel man and I had the opportunity to visit my sister and her husband near Missoula, Montana.  The countryside there was breathtaking.  Mountain ranges all around us, and a beautiful valley of rolling hills and farmlands.  It … Continue reading

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The Baseball Dream List

Travel Man and I have a dream list item in common.  We both want to travel this great US of A and see a baseball game played in every major league stadium.   Our hometown team is the Anaheim Angels, and if we … Continue reading

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A Little Revelings Milestone

The “Garden Leaves” post from last night was my 140th post!   Just celebrating a little mini milestone.  There is so much to be learned about the world of blogging.  The most interesting thing for me is that blogging, and writing … Continue reading

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