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Isn’t it About Time I Wished You All a Happy New Year?

Happy New Year, dear friends.  2014 is already in full swing, and I am just now getting back to my writing.  I’m hoping you all had a wonderful holiday season filled with family and love.  January got off to a … Continue reading

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Yesterday was an unusual day for clouds here in Southern California.  We do not get treated to the picturesque clouds of the Midwest, the mountain ranges of Colorado or Wyoming too often.  But, yesterday was a day filled with clouds, and … Continue reading

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An Eye Opening , “Power-less” Day.

Today is Saturday, October 26.  It’s 3 o’clock in the afternoon, and we’ve been a neighborhood with no power since 5 am this morning.  It’s not our entire area just our little block of a neighborhood.  Weird huh?  When I … Continue reading

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Summer’s Already Gone?

This is the first summer in a long, long, long time that I can remember that we never did make it to the beach.  No sand between the toes, no salty ocean water, and no frozen chocolate malt cup with one of … Continue reading

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I Need a Garden Plan.

Yes folks we are presently heading into the third week of  February.  I live in Southern California, the land of sunshine and warm weather.  I have got to get my garden plan together early this year.  Got to!!  Last year I … Continue reading

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Sometimes It Does Rain in Southern California

Last Thursday we had a rare thunderstorm here in SoCal.  There was a little thunder, a little lightning, and a rainbow.  Evan was with me after school, right in the heart of the thunder-storm.  He doesn’t get to see or … Continue reading

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We’ve been Resting, Recuperating, and Recharging

Last Monday afternoon Travel Man and I were enjoying a glorious day at a local beach here in Southern California.  The temperature at the beach was a balmy 82°, and the water temperature was even better 69°.  Beautiful, picture perfect … Continue reading

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The Tomatoes are Growing

Hello neighbors.  Yes I’m still here and no I haven’t gone anywhere.  You see Travel Man got home from his second international trip last Saturday, and we’ve been spending some much-needed time together.  He’s only been home 8 days in … Continue reading

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