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Luscious Lemon Squares

A few weeks ago I made some lemon squares, oh yum.  Since my lemon tree is still overflowing with lemony goodness, I keep baking and making treats with the ever so juicy lemons. This is my favorite recipe for lemon … Continue reading

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Lemon Poppy-Seed Cookies

Since we have a plethora of lemons around here, from our lemon/lime tree, I have been searching for new cookie recipes to try out on the cookie lovers at my house.  Last week I tried out this easy recipe for lemon poppy-seed cookies, from the … Continue reading

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A Sweet Little Valentine Dessert

Yes it’s a few days after Valentine’s Day, but I wanted to share our sweet dessert with you all.  Travel Man was lucky enough to be home for this Valentine’s Day, and cooked me a great dinner that included steak, … Continue reading

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Have you ever Made Frosting with Flour?

I realized this week that I have neglected to post any recipes recently.  This is probably due to the party planning time, and actual parties in session over the past few weekends.  There is a recipe I have been meaning … Continue reading

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Oh I had fun making Cinnamon Rolls

Now I know everyone is busy this week setting goals for the new year, maybe trying to cut back on the sweet treats and what you are eating, but the next time you have a sweet tooth and need a … Continue reading

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