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We’re Making the Move…

  Renee’s Revelings is making the move to a self-hosted place.  Follow me over to, and don’t forget to bring your cup of coffee with you. I’m looking forward to getting back to telling my tales, and sharing a … Continue reading

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It’s Been Too Long

It’s high time I got back to my writing.  It’s  been a long time coming, too long as a matter of fact.   This summer’s been somewhat different here at the Party House.  It’s been unusual, eventful, sad, happy, and all of … Continue reading

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Very Exciting News

I am pleased as punch to announce that I have 100+ followers on my little, baby Revelings blog.  WordPress  notifies you with this cute little graphic!  Thanks to all the readers who have joined my little, blogging neighborhood.  When I … Continue reading

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Originally posted on the thing about joan…:
With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, love is all around us. It’s a perfect time for a new Collectively Creative: The Lovey-Dovey Edition. Meet Lovie. When our twins were old enough to reach out…

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Christmas Eve 2012- The Renee Version

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all  through our abode all the creatures were waiting for the Christmas Day Party to unfold. The children were cozy and snug in their rooms, they’re dreaming of Angels Stadium and can’t wait until baseball season resumes. With Travel … Continue reading

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Christmas Tree Follies from Years Past…..

So in Southern California we occasionally experience Santa Ana winds.  These can be very strong like they were this past week, with the winds up to 100 miles per hour. The winds are either very hot or cold.  Now if your asking yourself … Continue reading

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How can it be December 3rd already?

Hello dear friends and fellow bloggers.  It’s been awhile since my last post, and I felt the need to just say hi, and get back into a good writing groove.  My writing was definitely sidetracked in the month of November.  … Continue reading

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A Near Electronics Mishap

Last week I was in my kitchen working on chopping up some apples from our own tree, for an apple crisp.  Many recipes that I use in the kitchen these days reside on my iPad.  I use a program called … Continue reading

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A Little Revelings Milestone

The “Garden Leaves” post from last night was my 140th post!   Just celebrating a little mini milestone.  There is so much to be learned about the world of blogging.  The most interesting thing for me is that blogging, and writing … Continue reading

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My Favorite Post

In honor of my one year Blog-iversary (thanks Creative Noshing!), I wanted to share my favorite post with all of you from this past year.  It was called “For the Un-Love of Mayo”.  I thought it would be fun to … Continue reading

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