A great, loving story about all the little lovies in the world.

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The Lovey-Dovey Edition Logo

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, love is all around us. It’s a perfect time for a new Collectively Creative: The Lovey-Dovey Edition.

Meet Lovie.


When our twins were old enough to reach out from the stroller to grab random items from store aisles, we took them to the stuffed toy section at Babies R Us to see if they would choose their security object (so they could ease up on the binkies). Our son C was not terribly enamored of any of them because he was already quite fond of his blanket, but our daughter E reached right out and grabbed this pink puppy and cuddled it up to her face. Lovie came home with us that day.

Because this was not our first rodeo at Parenthood Ranch, we also brought home a couple of copycat Lovies — you know, just in case one got lost or left behind or…

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