Sometimes It Does Rain in Southern California

Last Thursday we had a rare thunderstorm here in SoCal.  There was a little thunder, a little lightning, and a rainbow.  Evan was with me after school, right in the heart of the thunder-storm.  He doesn’t get to see or feel the rain very often, so he got his “garden” boots on, asked if he could use my new umbrella, and off he went prancing or should I say stomping in the rain.

This umbrella is like a tent.                                      Such a boy!!

This just makes me want to watch “Singing in the Rain”

We have had a hot summer here in SoCal, in fact today it was still almost 100 degrees.  So it’s nice to have an afternoon of rain, a little thunder, and some awesome clouds after the fact.  I’m glad we got to share this with Evan, because he’s a boy, and he loves to get wet and muddy whenever possible.  I have to dig out my “Singing in the Rain” dvd and watch it with Evan.  It’s a good rainy day movie.

What’s your favorite rainy day movie to watch?  Happy Wednesday everyone.

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