Maps Are Changing on Our Devices: Google Earth 3D is a Start


Basically I am not fond of change, which is really contradictory for me considering technology is all about change. This is my one haven where I love all the new everything. New apps, new gestures, new abilities, all tech-fun goodness.

But I worry about the Maps. I love maps. I think that Google street view is just about the most wonderous thing I’ve ever seen. You can explore places you’ll never see physically, or preview the neighborhood of a hotel you plan to use in the city you are going to visit.

I wrote a post about accessing Google’s Street View on your iPhone and iPad right here.

But now it appears that Maps will be changing. When Apple launches its new operating system this fall, Google will no longer be providing the maps for our devices. Apple will be supplying their own maps and they will include 3D…

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