Just a word about Naps…..

If you have been following my blog for any length of time you know that I have become a Domestic Goddess in the last year.   This is my new job title along with Chief Finance Manager, and Household Project Manager.  Now for a little back story.  When I was working in the corporate world and had a lot of stress in my life I would tell you, “I can’t nap. I’ve never taken power naps, can’t take power naps just don’t do naps”.

I’m now one year out of the stressfulness, fast paced, rat race.  And here’s my revelation.  I love naps.  I can easily take a little snooze after lunch, after a busy morning.  This is my favorite time to nap.  I’m usually home by myself this time of day.  It’s so quiet, and easy to find a spot in the house to nap.  Travel Man teases me to no end on this subject.  He says my napping is now an art form.  He finds it quite amusing that I can now nap at the drop of the word nap.  He’s been a power napper his whole travelling and working career, so I think there’s some sense of victory for him getting me to realize naps are good.  Kind of like a welcome to the napping club thing!

That’s all for now on my napping update, Happy Saturday everyone.

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