It’s Another When Travel Man’s Away Installment

Well friends I feel the need to share another saga in the “when travel man’s away” category.  So Monday I’m all set to go and do some errands, a little browsing at Michael’s (one of my fave craft supply hangouts), and maybe stop for an ice cream treat.  My car had other plans for my afternoon.  I start the car, put the windows down, and clunky, clunk, clunk.  I pushed the button to put see of it would go up, and nothing.  So, off to the car dealer I went, with the window down. Luckily I could get there without going on the freeway.  Oi!  A quick call to Travel Man to let him know what had happened.  “Just go to the dealer”, he says, ” Nothing else you can do for that one.”. Funny thing was Travel Man had taken the other car to LAX on Sunday so I didn’t have the extra car here like I normally would.  I just love it when good ‘ol Murph pays a visit!

I get to the dealer safe and sound,  get myself checked in with my favorite service guy, Jose, and leave the car overnight.  I had talked to my Mom after this and she said, “Oh that can be a pricey fix.”.   And it was.  Just under $500 out the door.  I did talk Jose down 50 $$ on the cost of the part, but ouch.  And I didn’t even get to go on my little shopping expedition.  I’ll save that for another day.

Just a friendly reminder that stuff can happen when you least expect it.  It’s just a matter of taking care of business and moving on.  And of course I want Travel Man to know that I am extremely  capable of taking care of these things at home, so he doesn’t worry about it.  That’s part of my Domestic Goddess job description you see.  Happy Wednesday everyone, now let’s get through the rest of this week.

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