Have You Ever Seen a Birdie Condo?

We have a nice patio cover off of our kitchen and family room.  It has great shade cloth and it’s where Travel Man does all of his grilling.  We also have birds, and its springtime so we have lots of birds flitting around the house.  There is a cute couple of finches, or maybe swallows that come back to this particular spot on our patio cover every year.  This year I was on a mission to make them move their nest location away from our patio cover.  Mainly to relocate the mess that dribbles onto the patio.

In the little nooks where the birds normally build their nest we stacked a couple of rocks.  I thought surely this will stop them from building.  But lo and behold here’s what they did.


View from the ground                                                        View up at birdie level

There is a nest build right on top of the rocks squished up to the screen cloth on the patio cover.  The birds diligently built this little nest because they are claiming their space.  I was amazed at how hard they worked to build this nest.  One bird would fly in and then the other, but there was so little space they could not squeeze in there at the same time.  We briefly, and I do mean nano-second briefly, discussed knocking the nest down to avoid all of the mess.  But when I cast my vote for the nest, I wanted to save it because the birds had worked so hard.  There was some eye rolling over this decision by some of my family members.

The nest stayed, but oddly enough the birds did not.  They “flew the coop” last week sometime.  I guess they decided their tight quarters were not going to work.  So, Travel Man said to tell you all, so you can tell your birdie friends, that we have a birdie condo for rent.  Great location, warm weather, and a cat perched below watching your every move.  This springtime story will go down in the family history books.

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