A Tooth Fairy Pillow Update

Evan got to use his tooth fairy pillow for the first time last night.  I got a phone call at about 9pm, “Grandma, my Mom just pulled out my tooth”, and I reply, “That’s so cool.  You get to use your new pillow tonight!”.  Evan says, “Ya, it was really bleeding a lot.”  I was so excited for him, and the fact that he called to let me know. 

Here’s a cute picture of Evan’s new smile.  He tells me, “Grandma, you should see how much of my tongue sticks out now!”  Such a ham, such a boy.

The new and improved smile.

When I saw him today I asked him how much money the tooth fairy left him.  He said, “One dollar and seven cents.”  I asked my daughter about that later this evening, and she said the tooth fairy left him a dollar, and there was seven cents laying in his bed, so he told his Mom it was all from the tooth fairy.  Oh to be six years old again!

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One Response to A Tooth Fairy Pillow Update

  1. grand-player says:

    Such a passage of time. Can’t you still remember feeling that new space in your mouth with your tongue?

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