About My Valentine…

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.  Wishing all of you a day surrounded with love, caring, and chocolate of course!

My valentine and I had our Valentine’s Day dinner last Friday night after a day of touring The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley.   It was great to take a little mini-vacation, and get away for a day.

My wonderful husband (aka “Travel Man”, “Papa”, “Tom Dad”) had to leave on a business trip this morning.  He’s on the road frequently trudging through airports, driving in unfamiliar cities, sleeping in hotels night after night, eating dinner out every night, and getting his work assignments completed so he can get back home.  He works very hard and puts in long hours that give me the freedom to  do what I want to be doing at home (aka “Domestic Goddess status”).

Travel Man and I will be celebrating our tenth anniversary this year in August.  (Already!  I can’t believe it!)  He proposed to me in Las Vegas, and we also got married in Las Vegas at the Circus Circus chapel.  A fun wedding and great memories. 

I look forward to celebrating tons and tons of Valentine’s Days’ together with my hubby.  He is my favorite comedian (he always makes me laugh), my Rock of Gibraltar, and the keeper of our castle.  I hope each and every one of you has a valentine this special in your life.



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2 Responses to About My Valentine…

  1. tallgirl39 says:

    I’m so lucky to have a very special Valentine too! Lucky us!

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