The Christmas Countdown – Evan Style

For the few weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Evan was using this counter at our house to count down the days until Christmas.  And what you need to know is he loves numbers, and is very into his mathematics in school.  So the countdown was quite intriguing to him.

He had his own counter at home and for some reason the days left until Christmas at home never quite matched the days left until Christmas at Grandma’s house.  So he and I had a lot of discussions about who had the days right.  Usually it was Grandma of course.

This is such a fun way to count down the days until Christmas.  With my own kids I think we made (or should I say I made) paper chains for them to count down the days all the way through high school.  I still believe in Santa Claus of course.

Anyway, after Christmas was over Evan didn’t really pay any attention to the counter, or so I thought.  When he was staying with me last week he called me into the family room.  “Hey Grandma, come and look at this”, Evan says to me.  So, of course I’m thinking uh-oh what’s he gotten into.

And lo and behold what he had done was changed the number to double zero.  The counter then looked like this:

No days left until Christmas.  He was giggling and laughing because he thought it  was so clever. It was like he played a joke on me.  A fun time at Grandma’s house is always what I’m going for.  Remember the fun times you had at your Grandma’s house?

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2 Responses to The Christmas Countdown – Evan Style

  1. Very clever kiddo you have there! 🙂 I used to, with my daughters, make a countdown that involved a long strip of red velvet ribbon hung from the wall and with a bow on top; then 25 pieces of (Christmas nougat) candy would be tied along the length, and each day they’d get to untie and eat one piece of candy. An advent calendar of sorts…until I made a different one that my grandsons now have (and that is too difficult to try to explain). 🙂

    Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting! Nice to meet another blogging grandma!

    Happy New Year to you and yours!

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