How’s your Hat Stack Today?

On any given day, at any given moment we all have had a big stack of “hats”that we wear.  And being the girlie girl that I am I will be directing this post at the ladies today.

Sometimes you have so many hats piled on your head at one time that you don’t even  blink an eye or think about how you are going to get the hat stack down by the end of the day.  You just plow through your day, and all the while the hats start to peel away, and then pile up again.

You may start the day off with your Mom hat, or you’re Grandma hat.  Maybe it’s  your wife hat or your sister hat. Then you add in the employee hat, and with all the tasks you perform at work those pile on top of your head too.

After you get home from work, or if you work at home, at dinner time you pull out your chef hat, household manager hat, and maybe your Chief Negotiator hat.

I have always thought that we women are an amazing creature. We are able to wear the hats, get things done, and all the while keep a smile on our faces and our positive attitudes.  Me, I always thrived on a big hat stack, it’s what I do.  I can multi-task with the best of them, and feel a great sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

Now where the hat trick becomes a little more difficult is when you have to put on your “fire” hat to squelch some serious problem or dilemma.  That good ‘ol fire hat can bump all of the others off of your head in a  heartbeat.  But then you just straighten out your fire hat get things under control and pile your life hats back on top of your noggin!

There are also times when you have to wear you Mom hat while you are at work. If one of your kids get sick or is in trouble you may have to pop on your parent hat during your workday and then tuck it away until you get home.

And of course please remember after a long day of carrying the hats around set the stack aside, and just relax for a little while.  We all need to recharge our batteries a little everyday to put the stack back on the next morning.  So, let me know what’s your favorite hat?

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2 Responses to How’s your Hat Stack Today?

  1. I love it! Very clever and well written 🙂

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