Denim oh Beautiful Denim

So I’m working on a denim “project”, which shall remain nameless at this time.   I will share it with you all at a later date.  It’s being manufactured from a lot of old jeans, very fun.  Anyway it got me to thinking about how prominent denim is in our everyday lives.  Now if you have to wear a uniform to work, or have a specific dress code you
appreciate jumping into your denim all the more right after a long day.

Remember in the 70’s when you would throw patches on your favorite jeans to keep them alive, and now, well maybe not right now, it’s common to buy your jeans with the holes already in them, so now you pay for the holes??

I had a pair of jeans in high school, and I’m sure they were probably bell bottoms, that got patched and patched and patched, and I knew how to sew
so I just kept patching them.  So comfy. 

And I have had a few denim shirt jackets over the
years that  could just be worn over anything at all.  Love my denim.

Now I have to ask are you a fan of Levi’s or Wrangler? Remember
Levi’s was there first, and I’m sure there are lots of fans of other brands of denim out there these days. 

Do you know what a Canadian Tuxedo is?  This is an urban coined phrase for an outfit that includes a denim jacket and jeans, and if you dare a denim shirt under the jacket.  Yay.

Over the years I’ve made the denim purses where you cut off the top half fo the jeans and have instant pockets.  Then there were denim hats, denim and flannel baby blankets.  It’s all been so much fun.  I don’t think I ever had any denim shoes, I’ll have to work on that one.

Denim is one of those timeless pieces of clothing that will never go away styles will change, the size you wear might change (oi!), but you will always own some piece of clothing that is denim.  Denim is like classic rock it will always be an amazing part of your life.

What’s your favorite denim garb?

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