When travel man’s away-update…..

Remember yesterday when I let everyone know I was not going to wait around for house repair #3?  Well, #3 has arrived.  Now it’s not really a major thing, it will just require travel man’s time when he is home next week.  The screen/storm door has something wonky going on with closing properly.  This happened right after I posted yesterday.  Murphy’s Law strikes again.  What’s your most recent house repair dilemma?

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3 Responses to When travel man’s away-update…..

  1. Joan Weise says:

    That’s Murphy’s Law of the Unspoken: As soon as you say something about it, something goes wrong!

    • Pam Lynn says:

      Good morning,
      I know exactly how you feel Renee. Hang in there! I agree with your mom’s post, so I will just let you know over the years I have experienced some of the same at different levels. I hope you have a great day! I do love Renee’s Revelings.

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